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Author : Dr. Sumeet Grover

Doi :   Page No : 1

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Author : Dr. Kumar Anshul, Dr. Harsh Rajvanshi, Dr. Ayesha Zaka

Doi :   Page No : 2

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Development and evolution of classification of periodontal diseases: An insight

Author : Dr. Mahajan Aaditi , Dr. Kolte Rajashri , Dr. Kolte Abhay

Doi :   Page No : 03-11

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Combined inflammatory and drug induced gingival overgrowth in a patient with cardiovascular disease. A Case Report

Author : Dr. Nandini Manjunath, Dr. Ria Susan George, Dr. Malav Sheth

Doi :   Page No : 12-16

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Digital Photography in General and Clinical Dentistry- Technical Aspects and Accessories

Author : Dr. R.Sreevatsan , Dr. Koshi Philip, Dr. Elbe Peter, Dr. Kanwar Singh, Dr.Manvendra Singh Gahlot

Doi :   Page No : 17-24

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Giant cell granuloma of the maxilla

Author : Dr. Ajinkya Vyawahare, Dr. Amit Sangle, Dr. Shilpa Arora, Dr. Khadija Samoon Suterwala, Dr. Pavan Va

Doi :   Page No : 25-28

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Management of Dry Socket using Ozone gel vs. Alvogyl – Prospective Clinical trial

Author : Dr. Anum Rehman Khan, Dr. Jasia Abid

Doi :   Page No : 29-33

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Direct Composite Resin Veneer Technique: A Clinical Case Report of Management of Misaligned Dentition

Author : Dr. Zeeshan Sheikh, Dr. Nida Zahra Ghazali, Dr. Amber Sheikh

Doi :   Page No : 34-39

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A Foreword

Author : Dr. Nader Hamdan

Doi :   Page No : 40

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Author : Dr. Zeeshan Sheikh & Dr. Zohaib Khurshid

Doi :   Page No : 41

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Author : Dr. Kumar Anshul, Dr. Harsh Rajvanshi, Dr. Ayesha Zaka

Doi :   Page No : 42

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In-vitro properties of calcium phosphate cement as a bone grafting material

Author : Dr. Ashar Jamelle, Prof. Robert Hill, Dr. David Gillam

Doi :   Page No : 43-48

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Natural and synthetic hydrogels for periodontal tissue regeneration

Author : Dr. Marco Laurenti Dr. Mohamed-Nur Abdallah

Doi :   Page No : 49-51

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Bone fenestration: A case report of management of a lower anterior buccal bone fenestration

Author : Dr. Murai Khalifa Yuliya Mulyar

Doi :   Page No : 52-54

Cited By :

A Histological and Clinical Evaluation of Shallow and Deep Probing Depths

Author : Siavash Hassanpour, Shlomi Tamam , Timur Shigapov

Doi :   Page No : 55-58

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Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Mellitus: Case Report

Author : H Marie Keeling, Tamara L. Wright

Doi :   Page No : 61-68

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Sinus lift grafting materials and immediate implant placement: A systematic review

Author : Dr. Kashif Hafeez, Dr. Aiyesha Wahaj, Dr. Muhammad Sohail Zafar , Dr. Sana Shahab

Doi :   Page No : 69-74

Cited By :

Laboratorial and clinical impacts of tobacco on periodontal health: A systematic review

Author : Fahad Sikander Khan, Aisha Aziz , Dr. Sana Shahab, ,Dr. Muhammad Sohail Zafar

Doi :   Page No : 75-81

Cited By :

A review of the use of laser in periodontal therapy

Author : Dr. Amir Manzoor Shah , Dr. Khurram Khan , Dr.Fahd Ahmed , Dr.Nida Amir

Doi :   Page No : 82-85

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